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Promethean Particles (PROM) is a UK-based SME that designs and develops inorganic nanomaterials in liquid dispersions. The company technology is based on a patented reactor system that allows truly continuous hydrothermal synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles for the first time. Promethean uses continuous hydrothermal (or solvothermal) synthesis to make the optimum product for each application and backs this up with pilot-scale production facilities, as well as a brand new multi-ton scale nanoparticle manufacturing plant (capacity more than 1000 tons per year). Our unique production process allows us to tailor the nanoparticles to get the best functionality for an end use application.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, metals (e.g. Ag, Cu, Au), metal oxides (e.g. SiO2, ZrO2, CeO2, Fe2O3, Fe3O4 etc.), ceramics (e.g. BaTiO3), and more complex materials such as metal organic frameworks (MOFs) - materials which could be used for catalysis, electronics and thermal applications, as examples. The versatility of our manufacturing technology, coupled with our scale of production, means our products are applicable to a vast range of market areas.

ONI has developed the next generation high resolution single-molecule microscope. The Nanoimager offers different imaging modalities such as dSTORM, SIM, single particle tracking and single-molecule FRET. ONI’s system is designed to operate on a regular desktop having removed the complications associated with instrumentation. The Nanoimager and complimentary software suite allows researchers a solution to accessible and affordable imaging.

Having been quickly adopted in the areas of exosomes and cancer research, ONI are working to continually improving imaging solutions for the life science community including subscription services and reagents.

MDPI has supported knowledge and scientific discovery, through open access publishing and conferences, and other initiatives for more than two decades. Sustainability, integrity, and building a sense of community among scholars and institutions are an integral part of our work.
Representatives of the following open access journals will attend:
Biomolecules, Bioengineering, Biomimetics, Journal of Personalized Medicine, and Methods and Protocols