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NANOLANE is specialized in optical solutions at nanoscale and commercializes characterization tools based on the label-free patented SEEC (Surface Enhanced Ellipsometry Contrast) optical technique which extends the analysis possibilities of optical systems in the field of nanotechnologies.
Our products are suitable for characterization in the following topics: Life Sciences, Materials, nano-objects...
To guarantee the quality and the performances of our products, NANOLANE benefits from specific work areas such as optical laboratories and ISO3 class clean room to test and develop for you new optical solutions.  
Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, we also provide expertise in topics such as optical systems, thin films and coatings and image processing. More info

nB nanoScale Biomagnetics is a technology based company established in 2008 with the objective of giving an answer to the instrumentation needs of magnetic hyperthermia research and other applications of nanoHeating, the magnetic heating of nanomaterials.
Its main line of products, the D5 Series, is the most powerful and versatile tool for nanoHeating research through all its stages: from magnetic characterization to preclinical application.
Installed in laboratories in more than 20 countries all across the globe, nB’s instruments have set a new quality standard on the industry, and lead the way to reliable, scalable and affordable instrumentation for nanoHeating. More info


Neaspec is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for nanoscale optical imaging & spectroscopy for researchers in industry and academic institutions.
We are proud to introduce neaSNOM - the ultimate nanoanalytic microscopy platform for materials research and photonics. neaSNOM enables nanoscale infrared imaging & spectroscopy at about 1000-times better spatial resolution of 10 nm when compared to conventional infrared spectroscopy. It even allows to utilize the visible & terahertz spectral region at the same high resolution enabling additional material characterization applications in many disciplines such as Semiconductor Technology, Chemistry, Photonics, Polymer Science and Life-Sciences with special focus on 2D materials.
More info

Bioinicia is a company dedicated to design and supply of equipment for nanofibers and nanoparticles production, as well as to provide services concerning development and manufacturing of micro/nanofibers or micro/nanoparticles-based products made by electro-hydrodynamic processing (electrospinning & electrospraying). There is a wide variety of applications in fields such as biomedical, pharmaceutical and nanomedicine. Bioinicia has an in-house electrospinning industrial facility GMP (pharma products) and ISO 13485 (medical devices) certified. More info at our website: www.bioinicia.com.