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  Pedro Alpuim (INL, Portugal)
  Different Approaches to Graphene Electrochemical Biosensors
  Manuel Bañobre (INL, Portugal)
  Precision Targeting Of Solid Tumors Using Smart Magnetic Theranostic Nanocomposites: A Targetless Strategy
  Cristina Fornaguera Puigvert (Universidad Ramon Llull, Spain)
  pBAE polymers: a new delivery platform of biologicals for nucleic acid-based therapies
  Alejandro Gómez Roca (ICN2, Spain)
  Fe3O4 Nanoparticles as Multifunctional Theranostic Agents
  Laura Gonzalez Macia (Imperial College London, UK)
  NFC-enabled on-site precision diagnostics powered by a smartphone
  Andrea Idili (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy)
  Convenient and Rapid Quantification of Therapeutic Biological Drugs in Undiluted Bodily Fluids
  Artur M. Pinto (LEPABE - University of Porto, Portugal)
  Carbon nanomaterials and 2D nanomaterials in biomedicine: applications, main challenges, and opportunities
  Lluis F. Marsal (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain)
  Designing nanoporous anodic alumina for nanomedicine applications
  Patricia Mora Raimundo (Technion, Israel)
  Breaking barriers in brain’s health: liposomes against neurodegeneration
  Carlotta Pucci (IIT, Italy)
  Unveiling the Promise of Personalized Therapy: Harnessing Cell Membrane-Coated Nanovectors for Targeted Treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme
  Daniel Quesada (ICN2, Spain)
  Nanoparticle-based lateral flow assays for diagnostic applications
  Félix Sauvage (Ghent University, Belgium)
  Photoporation for enhanced mRNA delivery to the ocular surface